Beam & Founder’s Story

What led our founder to start Beam Healthcare in 2014?

“The path to medicine was an unconventional one for me. My background was in Operation Management Information Systems (OMIS) before I decided to join the field of medicine when I lost one of my best friends and other loved ones that were critically ill. Business & tech were always my passion & still are but medicine was going to be my way of directly supporting my community. After starting my career as a hospitalist director in 2011, it was evident to me pretty quickly that healthcare, the status quo medical practice was not sustainable. Beam was started in 2014 with the simple idea of leveraging financially viable technology to its fullest to solve the iron triangle of healthcare and in the process help solve healthcare inequality. We didn’t have to do anything groundbreaking, we just had to be really good and efficient at providing quality care. Easier said than done but we accomplished it with the right team and right partners!”

– Sarjoo Patel , CEO 

What, Why, and How for Beam

Vision - What

Providing healthcare access to all while enhancing the quality, reducing cost, improving efficiencies, and tackling healthcare disparities.

Mission - Why

Healthcare, Reimagined Without Social or Geographical Boundaries.

Core Values - How

We can only achieve our mission if we practice our core values every single day.

How was Beam going to be different?

Beam was going to be a long-term partner and not a short-term vendor
Beam was going to be a people company first, tech second
Beam was going to be lean and avoid the healthcare noise
Beam was going to be socially responsible to its community & environment
Beam was going to be non-complacent and innovate constantly
SPeaking Engagement Image

Our Thought Leadership & Speaking Engagement Nationally

  • 1 Million Cup
  • Aging 2.0
  • Forward Fest
  • InTouch Health Annual Forum
  • Teladoc Webinar
  • OnRamp Healthcare
  • DCMS Annual Meeting
  • Conscious Leadership at EO Wisconsin
  • University of Wisconsin – Guest Lecturer
  • Northern Illinois University – Guest Lecturer
  • Social Impact Award – 2020
  • Recognition by The Government of Tijuana Mexico