We informally asked IT/non-healthcare professionals, and few of our patients what they thought about telemedicine and its future in healthcare. To our surprise, the majority of the public doesn’t truly realize its capability. In their mind, telemedicine is simply an app on a phone for urgent care related matters. Providing such services is great, but its just the tip of the iceberg. We need to continue educating our communities about telemedicine’s potential. By leveraging technology and educating patients, we can improve healthcare not just in the direct to consumer sector but also in acute and post-acute facilities.

Beam Healthcare's Telemedicine services (Accredited by The Joint Commission) recently expanded to include Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities. Prior to our first encounter in the post-acute setting, we spent time in the community and providing patient education. They needed to know that companies like Beam are here to partner with the local facilities and are not just another added-on cost. Our goal for our client is simple: solve the Iron Triangle of Healthcare for SNF/ALF, even as we wait for telemedicine reimbursements to catch up.

Our focus for our client is to:

  • Reduce ED Visits
  • Reduce Readmissions
  • Reduce Transport cost
  • Reduce Staffing needs
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improve workplace satisfaction

Services Provided by Beam:

  • Telemedicine Specialist
  • Telemedicine Medical Cross-coverage
  • Data Analytics/Dashboard
  • Project Management

It’s an exciting time for Beam, as we help organizations realize their full potential for quality patient care while keeping costs under control. Telemedicine is helping real patients in real time. It’s so much more than an app!