Reduce Delays, Improve Outcomes and Decrease Costs with Cardiology Tele-Interpretation

The need for leading-edge cardiology services in every care setting across the U.S. has never been more apparent. According to the CDC, one person in the U.S. dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease. And heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the U.S., claiming around 655,000 deaths annually.

The numbers paint a clear but potentially distressing picture —patients from all walks of life and all areas of the country need access to top-quality cardiac care more than ever.

Unfortunately, while the demand for cardiology services continues to grow, all care settings including many clinics and hospitals struggle to provide patients with the cardiac care they need. Whether lacking cardiac specialists in rural areas, or challenges with capacity and coverage due to overwhelming demand providers are struggling. There is a clear and urgent need in our healthcare community which leads to a critical question: Is there a better way to diagnose cardiovascular concerns and provide patients the care they deserve, when and where they need it?

Yes! Enter cardiology tele-interpretation services from Beam Healthcare.

Beam’s cardiology tele-interpretation services provide a positive and proactive solution for both patients and providers, connecting them with experienced cardiology specialists when they need it most. By integrating cardiology care into a virtual setting, Beam removes the barriers that cause access issues and costly delays, while improving outcomes and keeping patients in their own communities—not to mention decreasing costs and increasing revenue.

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Comprehensive Cardiology Procedure Tele-Interpretation Services

The cardiology experts at Beam Healthcare offer a complete range of remote cardiology procedure interpretation services, both for inpatient and outpatient procedures:

  • Ambulatory cardiac monitoring–Quick and accurate interpretation of your placed Holter monitors, event monitors and other cardiac ambulatory monitors. You receive detailed results with 24 to 48 hours, along with direct provider-to-provider contact with critical results.
  • Cardiac device monitoring–Designed to simplify the often complex layers of cardiac device management for both providers and patients. You receive timely, accurate pacemaker and defibrillator device interpretation and programming recommendations while eliminating missed opportunities for patient care and support close to home.
  • Echocardiograms–Accurate, clear and detailed reports you can depend on to ensure proper patient care without delay. Simply upload your facility-performed echocardiogram and Beam’s board-certified cardiologists interpret the study and provide expert results to expedite patient care.
  • MUGA scans–Boost your existing nuclear cardiology program to accurately determine your patient’s left ventricular function. Upload your facility-completed MUGA scan for quick interpretation by Beam’s experienced cardiology team to speed patient care decisions.
  • Stress tests–Quality interpretation of your exercise and nuclear stress tests within hours of completion—not days or weeks. Upload your facility-performed stress tests and Beam takes it from there to provide quick, expert interpretation when it’s needed most, whether to help determine a patient’s disposition or risk stratification before surgery, or to assess concerning chest pain.
  • Vascular studies–Corroborate treatment plans and provide quality patient care through accurate carotid ultrasound and ankle-brachial index (ABI) study interpretations from Beam’s cardiology team.

Along with comprehensive cardiology tele-interpretation services, Beam also provides a range of on-demand cardiology e-consult guided support services, as well as cardiac evaluation and follow-up tele-consult services for both inpatient and outpatient needs.

Whether you need cardiology tele-interpretation to enhance your existing care or a comprehensive suite of cardiology telemedicine tools to fill a current void, Beam is here to deliver.

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The Solution You Need For Better Cardiac Care Without Delay

Beam’s cardiology tele-interpretation services bridge the critical gap in any setting with limited cardiology coverage—regardless of cause. And they are delivered simply, timely and accurately.

  • Simply–There is no need to purchase new technology, add staff or deal with the complex nature of cardiology procedure interpretation
  • Timely–Beam offers proven, rapid turnaround times and provides complete procedure reads and reports within hours, not days or even weeks—Beam’s average turnaround time is 160 minutes
  • Accurately–Beam’s expert cardiology tele-interpretation services go beyond basic reads and offer trusted clinical guidance you can depend on to provide the best patient care

Taking advantage of Beam’s cardiology tele-interpretation services also improve your ROI by increasing patient access to specialized care while decreasing downstream healthcare costs.

Bottom line—Beam’s cardiology tele-interpretation solution provides significant cost and time savings along with improved outcomes and patient satisfaction—all through the power of telemedicine.

Cardiology Tele-Interpretation Services Work For Facilities of All Sizes and Scopes

While Beam’s remote cardiology procedure interpretation services can help facilities of all sizes, scopes and staffing models, we can be especially beneficial for rural facilities that have difficulty recruiting and retaining cardiology specialists, or those that have to rely on contracted provider arrangements. With limited resources and geographic restraints, cardiology procedure interpretation often gets backed up based on case load and provider availability.

Regardless of the clinical setting, if cardiovascular services are lacking even basic cardiology procedure interpretation can end up taking days or even weeks. That is just not good enough.

By leveraging Beam’s cardiology tele-interpretation services, expert results are delivered in a matter of hours so providers can focus on continuing top-quality patient care without delay.

In addition to assisting with critical and emergency care, Beam’s cardiac tele-interpretation services are also available to boost the review time and quality of routine outpatient cardiology procedures—procedures that often see the longest delays in receiving results. Beam can help you ensure outpatient procedures receives the same high level of care as urgent cases, keeping you focused on top-quality patient care across the board, regardless of circumstance. Effectively balancing and delivering consistent, timely results between critical care and outpatient procedures can provide you the edge you need in today’s increasingly consumer-driven healthcare model.

A Snapshot of Cardiology Tele-Interpretation Success

Beam’s innovative cardiology tele-interpretation services are already helping many providers find increased success and improved outcomes.

Here are the highlights of just one real-world example:

  • A woman presents to a critical access hospital with shortness of breath and quickly decompensates with increasing SOB, tachycardia, decrease in responsiveness and hypotension. Chest CT rules out PE but reveals pericardial effusion. Lacking in-house coverage, STAT echocardiogram is completed and sent to the Beam cardiology team to provide tele-interpretation. STAT read is quickly provided back to hospital and reveals pericardial effusion with tamponade physiology. The quick read and expert results provide important diagnostic information that speeds the path to the next step in care—pericardiocentesis.

You can also hear directly from Beam’s Sarah Williamson, PA, on another recent cardiology tele-interpretation success story and how Beam’s services supported both providers and patient at the time they needed it most.

Support Your Patients When They Need You Most With Help From Beam

Taking advantage of modern innovations like cardiology tele-interpretation services is a true win-win, increasing provider and patient access to cardiology specialists they can depend on.

And faster procedure interpretation—typically delivered in under three hours—reduces delays and results in more streamlined patient care and better outcomes, and ultimately leads to higher overall patient satisfaction.

With cardiology tele-interpretation services, patients get the care they want and need in their own communities, while providers get a much-needed boost of support and reduce the stress that comes along with not being able to provide the best cardiac care possible.

Your patients deserve cardiac care without delays. So, don’t delay. There is no better time than now to learn more about how Beam can expand expert cardiology services to your patients.

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