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Telemedicine at your hospital

Our providers work with you and for you. Improve your quality of care and keep costs low with Telemedicine Hospital solutions from Beam.

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Telemedicine improves quality of care delivery

Telemedicine can improve the quality of care for patients. A recent study showed that with telemedicine, patients had 38% fewer hospital admissions, 31% fewer hospital re-admissions, were 63% more likely to spend fewer days in the hospital, and were more engaged in their healthcare.

Hospitalist coverage that works for you

Beam offers a range of hospitalist services. Hybrid models including telemedicine, Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), and traditional onsite hospitalist coverage allow client hospitals to create their own dynamic solutions to inpatient care that keep patients and healthcare spending local.

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Optimize your overnight hospital coverage

Beam nighttime telemedicine coverage provides hospitals access to consistent, high-quality nocturnists and cross-cover services at lower costs.

Beam our Infectious Disease into your hospital

Whether it's reducing transfers, increasing savings on antibiotic expenditures or decreasing mortality from bloodstream infections, acute care facilities are improved with infectious disease specialty care.

Inpatient consultations address issues such as:

  • Complex septic patients
  • Bacteremia
  • Diabetic infections
  • Tick-borne illness
  • Complicated surgical wounds and more.

Provide care to complicated patients locally

Tele-Pulmonary services your hospitalist team can benefit from

  • Improve outcomes with direct access to Beam’s pulmonary experts.
  • Reduce unnecessary transfers
  • Increase your critical care capacities with specialist ventilator and non-invasive ventilation management. 
  • Common issues requiring consultation include Severe Asthma, Severe COPD, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pulmonary Nodule, complicated ICU patient management, clinical review of CT Chest and more.

Beam Healthcare - Telemedicine Pulmonary

Improved outcomes for complex patients.

We review charts, complete assessments, and make evidence-based recommendations with your team for mechanically ventilated and high acuity patients. Through this collaborative approach, patients stand a higher chance of decreasing intubated days in the ICU.

Increased support for your staff.

We're available to assist your team from the smallest questions to a step-by-step walkthrough of complex procedures such as suctioning. Utilize Beam's Tele-RT support to keep your onsite RT staff available for emergency situations.

Beam Pulmonary & RT Telemedicine Services: a doctor examines a pair of lungs.

Beam Cardiology for Inpatient

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