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Let Beam take care of the day-to-day hospitalist program and staff management, so you can focus on strategic opportunities for your organization. Operating inpatient units can be challenging, but Beam’s high-quality turnkey hospitalist solutions makes it easy. Whether it’s existing hospital employees or Beam’s providers, Beam’s Hospitalist Program Management partners with you to provide:
Whether it’s existing hospital employees or Beam’s providers, Beam’s Hospitalist Program Management partners with you to provide the following

Team Recruitment & Retention

Onsite-performed resting and stress echocardiograms are uploaded and our board-certified Cardiologist interprets the study and provides results to expedite patient care. You can depend on accurate, clear, and detailed reports to ensure proper patient care without delay.

Quality Care & Scorecards

Beam Healthcare’s board-certified cardiologists will provide high quality interpretation of exercise and nuclear stress tests within 24 hours of completion. Upload your facility-performed stress tests and we can take it from there. Whether assessing chest pain, determining a patient’s disposition, or risk stratification before surgery; having quick results will keep patient care on track.

Program Efficiency & Profitability

Experience quick and accurate interpretation of your facility placed Holter Monitors, Event Monitors, and other cardiac ambulatory monitors. Receive accurate and detailed results within 24-48 hours and direct provider to provider contact with critical results.

Community Outreach

A MUGA Scan allows providers to use their existing nuclear cardiology program to accurately determine a patients’ left ventricular function. Our board-certified cardiologists can interpret the uploaded facility-completed MUGA scans and be available for patient care decisions.

Patient Satisfaction

Vascular studies involve our board-certified Cardiologists providing accurate carotid ultrasound and ankle-brachial index (ABI) study interpretations for primary care use. This enables corroboration for treatment plans to deliver quality patient care.

Institutional Leadership

Device management can be layered with complexity. Our Beam Healthcare providers simplify this process for both providers and patients.  Our team provides accurate device interpretation and programming recommendations, while eliminating the missed opportunities for patient care. Providers can give their pacemaker and defibrillator patients the necessary support and monitoring locally.

Beam Healthcare really stepped up for Stoughton Health over the past two years. We’ve seen enhanced performance and responsiveness by the Beam nocturnist, the Beam partnership with our individual Specialists and ED Providers, and Beam’s support of our Nursing staff. Beam’s sincere drive to retain patients and Beam’s clinical leadership through the Pandemic confirmed my decision to partner with Beam.

Dan DeGroot | CEO Stoughton Health

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