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Telemedicine: Critical access at a critical time

Access. Quality. Cost. In 1994, William Kissick introduced us to these three facets of the “Iron Triangle” of health care. The theory that we can …

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Making the virtual exam a reality

Recently, Dr. Andrew Schmitt wrote about how careful and ethical implementation of telemedicine can provide a solution to the “Iron Triangle” of Access, Quality, and …

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Healthcare Disparities

US Healthcare Disparities by Socioeconomic Status

The United States is home to some of the absolute best healthcare in the world. But — and it’s a pretty big “but” — not …

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COVID Surge Header

COVID Surge is NOT a Business Model for Beam Healthcare

As the dark cloud of COVID settled over us in March, hospitals across the country were looking for ways to help and support their inpatient …

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Why Politicians Should Promote Telemedicine and eHealth

2020 has been a bit of a crazy one when it comes to health care. All the normal, day-to-day medical problems seem to have taken …

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A Doctor, His Dog, and the Ice Age Trail

Exploring the state parks in Wisconsin has taken up more and more of my time over the past several years.  Throughout the state, there are …

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