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Why Representation Matters

COVID-19 Data in the Navajo Community and Why Representation Matters

The unfortunate reality in the US is that not everything is as equal as we would like it to be. This extends to our healthcare …

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Mindfulness Could Be A Saving Grace For Men’s Health

There is a silent mental health crisis plaguing men in our society. Constituting 75 % of US suicide victims, research shows that one man kills …

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VA Healthcare Licensing Model–A Roadmap to Improved Access for U.S. Healthcare System

The continued impact of COVID-19 has further amplified the hot-button issue of access to high-quality, affordable healthcare across the nation. Among the many factors in …

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Reduce Delays, Improve Outcomes and Decrease Costs with Cardiology Tele-Interpretation

The need for leading-edge cardiology services in every care setting across the U.S. has never been more apparent. According to the CDC, one person in …

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The Role of Virtual Care and Telehealth in Making Healthcare Greener

There are over 7 billion people on Earth, and almost all of them will need health care at some point in their lives. The healthcare …

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