COVID-19 Toolkit for Critical Access and Smaller Community Hospitals

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Premiere Healthcare Consulting for a Flat Monthly Fee

A flat monthly fee gives your team unlimited access to your outsourced clinical advisory team.

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Your Fractional Leadership Team

Beam Healthcare provides clinical & healthcare administrative advisors at a fraction of the cost of full-time staff.

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Beam Healthcare can help you implement your own telemedicine program and it doesn't have to include our clinical services.

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Learn how Beam telemedicine hospitalists created feasible COVID-19 response systems for current clients and community partners.

Medical Informatic & Business Officer

Let us help you analyze new technology, implement your own telemedicine program, run lean processes, and declutter your operations.

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Quality/Performance Improvement Project Consultants

Organize cross-department integration from start to finish: from project design to facilitation, tracking, implementation, and follow-ups.

Beam Clinical Administrative Consulting for Your Peace Of Mind

Cardiology Clinical Advisors

Help implement and supervise your cardiovascular procedure, APP stress test, and telemedicine program.

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Infectious Disease Physician Advisors

Provide support to your clinicians, clinical pharmacist and/or nursing leaders to manage Antibiotic Stewardship programs, Infection Prevention, and tele-ID program.

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Critical Care & Pulmonary Clinical Advisors

Provide guidance and support to your clinical leaders for advanced patient care units, pulmonary rehab, and pulmonary procedures departments.

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