Infectious Disease

Bringing you expert Infectious Disease consultation

Remotely augment support for your onsite Infection Prevention provider and give patients access to Infectious Disease specialists.

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Meet emerging threats head-on at your hospital.

Emerging infectious threats must be met head on. Infectious Disease involvement is shown to slow infection mortality. Reducing C. diff MDRO rates keeps patients safe.

Reduce length of stay

Prevention saves lives, time, and money. Our Infectious Disease consultation is proven to reduce length of stay. Antimicrobial stewardship saves money and prevents C diff.

Patients are happiest at home.

Telemedicine infectious disease prevents patient transfers. Increase infusion center usage keeps patients in their community.

We help rural outpatient clinics with infectious disease.

Protecting patients in rural communities from long drives.

Beam Infectious Disease services via Telemedicine protects patients from long drives for their HIV/Hepatitis/TB care. Keep your patients safe, close, and offer them the same treatment faster.

Don't put your medical professionals at risk.

Ensure CMS compliance

Beam offers Infectious Disease assistance in developing stewardship protocols.

Prevent the unnecessary. Protect the necessary.

Reduce inappropriate urine cultures and antibiotic use. Keep patients out of the ER. Improve resident health. Increase vaccinations rates. Beam Infectious Disease helps your residents stay healthy.