COVID-19 Toolkit for Critical Access and Smaller Community Hospitals

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Learn how Tele-RT & Pulmonary helps patients in the ICU

Learn how leveraging telemedicine to maximize respiratory therapy and pulmonology can benefit your ICU.

Improved outcomes for complex patients.

We review charts, complete assessments, and make evidence-based recommendations with your team for mechanically ventilated and high acuity patients. Through this collaborative approach, patients stand a higher chance of decreasing intubated days in the ICU.

Increased support for your staff.

We're available to assist your team from the smallest questions to a step-by-step walkthrough of complex procedures such as suctioning. Utilize Beam's Tele-RT support to keep your onsite RT staff available for emergency situations.

Beam Pulmonary & RT Telemedicine Services: a doctor examines a pair of lungs.

Learn how Beam Tele-Hospitalists prepared for COVID

Learn how Beam telemedicine hospitalists created feasible COVID-19 response systems for current clients and community partners.

A valuable resource for patients.

Our specialists are available to facilitate patient education from tobacco cessation and disease management to medication and more. Thorough educational resources increase patient comprehension and reduce re-admissions.

Decrease hospital admissions and improve outcomes.

Rely on specialist support from our Tele-Respiratory Therapists to keep residents in your facility and reduce hospital admissions.