Grow your clinical services with our telemedicine specialists.

We provide a suite of clinical care via telemedicine with our in-house specialist providers as a service.

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How We Help

'Beam' our telemedicine providers directly to your facility.

'Beam' our doctors, specialists, and providers into your facility quickly, cost-effectively, and with zero go-live investment. We work with any technology and provide the highest levels of care, all using your existing telemedicine solution.

Who We Are

Here to solve the Iron Triangle of Healthcare: Cost | Quality | Access

We are a physician-owned company that leverages technology to reach your patients, employees, or loved ones anywhere. We help you grow your clinical services with high ROI with our telemedicine specialists.

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What | How | Who

We provide telemedicine clinical services, procedure interpretation, and advising…

…via your existing hardware and infrastructure…


The Joint Commission National Quality Seal of Approval

The highest quality of  award-winning care

Our permanently employed providers are committed to delivering high-complexity medicine, with unmatched continuity of care. But you don’t have to take our word for it—Beam is a proud recipient of The Joint Commission's gold seal for quality approval.


Don't just take our word for it.

What sets Beam apart from all others is their commitment and engagement with our entire facility. Beam cares about providing the best possible patient care and they take ownership of all aspects of care which they are involved with.

Robert Van Meeteren, CEO

Reedsburg Area Medical Center, Reedsburg, WI

Beam Healthcare knows the importance of reaching out to the community and being part of it ... their team is engaged, creative, and approachable ... [we] couldn't be more pleased.

Laura Mays, PR/Marketing Director

Stoughton Hospital