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Provider in a telemedicine appointment

Enhancing Patient Comfort: A Guide to Successful Telemedicine Appointments

The Shift from In-Person Care to Telemedicine In a world where in-person care has been the norm in healthcare, the transition to telemedicine brings forth …

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Female physician takes notes during a telemedicine appointment

Telemedicine Reduces Physician Burnout and Increases Access to Specialty Care

Navigating Healthcare Challenges In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the demand for specialty care has never been greater. However, this increasing demand is met with …

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Native American woman sits on a hill overlooking Monument Valley

Telemedicine Improves Mental Healthcare Access for Native Americans

Native American communities face significant challenges in accessing quality mental healthcare due to historical and ongoing traumas, socioeconomic disparities, and limited access to healthcare. Telemedicine is closing these gaps.

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A family speaking with a teacher about their son's education

The Vital Role Education Plays in Overall Health and Wellbeing

There are many factors that play a role in our overall health and wellness. Beyond individual characteristics such as genetics, there are also upstream factors known as SDOH

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4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Develop Healthy Habits

Childhood is a critical period for establishing healthy habits, and health outcomes later in life are often linked to childhood behaviors. By working together with healthcare professionals, parents can empower their children to be the healthiest and best versions of themselves.

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Seasonal Spring Recipes and the Benefits of Outdoor Dining

If you’ve found yourself in a cooking rut, always gravitating towards the same 3 to 4 recipes, spring is the perfect time to break out and try something new. The three recipes in this blog are easy to make and feature a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. As a bonus, these dishes are all vegetarian and can be made vegan with just a few modifications.

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