Provide access to an endocrinologist locally

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Turnkey Solution

Increase Your ROI

Start or Expand Tele-Endocrinology Clinic

Your patients no longer have to be referred out to tertiary centers or have long wait times to be seen by an endocrinologist. 

Provide Inpatient Consults

For high inpatient volume hospitals without an endocrinologist, Beam’s Tele-Endocrinology service is an ideal long term solution. 

Endocrinology Econsults

We understand that not all patients need to be seen and at times Primary Care, hospitalist, and referring provider just need the specialist to review the data and provide their documented recommendations. Econsults are provider-to-provider communication meant to expedite and streamline patient care while saving money and time.

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Sapna Shah, MD

Vice President of Endocrinology

"Upland Hills Health turned to Beam Healthcare due to its excellent reputation in being cost-effective, flexible, tech savvy, and high touch/high support. We sought a comprehensive solution to backing our inpatient physicians and RTs should the need arise to care for acute COVID-19 patients. Beam delivered."

Lisa Schnedler
CEO of Upland Hills Health

"What sets Beam apart from all others is their commitment and engagement with our entire facility. Beam cares about providing the best possible patient care and they take ownership of all aspects of care which they are involved with."

Robert Van Meeteran

What type of patients can you manage with Tele-Endocrinology


Type 1 | Type 2 | Continuous Glucose Monitors | Pumps

Thyroid Disease

Hypothyroidism | Hyperthyroidism | Thyroid Nodules

Adrenal Mass

Comprehensive Testing | Continued Monitoring


Masses | Hyperfunction | Hypofunction

Women's Health

PCOS | Gestational Endocrine Disease